This is my story of how I became a sushi chef.

I started my sushi career in 2000, with no professional or sushi experience. Since then, I’ve worked for ten different restaurants in Los Angeles and San Francisco, variety of catering companies, and started the first sustainable sushi class company in the US, teaching and serving over 5,000 guests and clients like Google, Citibank, Prudential, Verizon Wireless, Visa, and CEOs from publicly traded companies as my private clients.

I am writing this story in the hope that I can pass on my knowledge, wisdom, mistakes I made and lessons learned through being a sushi chef. I learned all these things from my teachers and other sushi masters. I learned everything on the job, just like all other sushi masters did.

I’d love to get your feedbacks and comments. I plan to post every other day until I have enough stories to put into a book, and publish it through Amazon.


If you like to learn more about the sushi class I teach, please visit Breakthrough Sushi.

You can also find my 1st book: (almost) All the answers you always wanted to hear from your sushi chef.