Celebrities – Luis Miguel


One of the regulars at Rock ‘n’ Hollywood Sushi was the Mexican singer, Luis Miguel. He came and sat at the Sushi bar many times and every time he came, all the Latino guys got extremely excited like children whose parents told them that they were going to Disneyland or something. They all asked for his autograph, took pictures with him, standing side by side. It was comical, funny and charming the way they acted. They were all rushing back and forth inside of the restaurant, forgetting that they were at work. Some of the waiters forgot to bring out the orders to the table and instead, they flocked around Luis and engaged in a conversation, as if to say, “Forget work. I am busy. This is more important. You know who this is? It’s Luis Miguel. We are hanging out with Luis Miguel. Leave us alone.”

I knew about Luis Miguel and heard of his songs before, seen on TV and magazines, but I had no idea how big he was. When I asked about Luis, Javier said he is like a god in Mexico and all the South American countries, next to Julio Iglesias. Toshi, Kai, Jun and I had almost no interest in his music, so to us, it was just another customer, sitting at the sushi bar, enjoying the sushi.

Luis had some CDs with him and handed some to the bus boys, who put it into the CD player and started playing his songs. All the Latino guys went crazy, started singing the songs together.

Luis did seem to enjoy the attention he was receiving and was grateful for all the people to be his fan. He was very nice, smiling all the time and had the charismatic aura around him, infecting everyone around him, though, most of the non-Latino customers in the restaurant had no idea who he was and what was going on.


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